DIVA is a brand new and very commercial fabric with a very soft and warm first touch. It is perfect to create that smooth and cosy feeling in every home. The softness recurs in a wonderful colour scale of 15 colours with burned terracotta, warm natural, and trendy blue shades. DIVA is stain & water repellent and has the OEKO-TEX® 100 certificate.

The bouclé trend has taken the furniture industry by storm. Soho is our latest fabric inspired by the luxury curly structure. This soft and cozy fabric has an uneven surface which breaks the clean and straight lines and gives your interior an edge. Soho is available in a color scale ranging from more light beige hues to deeper, richer tones.


We can offer a large range of different treatments. Pls. contact us for further information

Oeko-Tex :

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